Traditional PMS Vs Cloud PMS – Why Hotels Are Switching to Cloud PMS

Traditional hotel systems and PMS come with limited access. You can only access the application from a particular computer. However a modern cloud-based PMS, like the powerful AIO PMS system, overcomes this debilitating limitation and allows you access while on the go.

As you are attending to the guests or moving about in the hotel you can access the cloud based PMS from your mobile device or from any computer device that is nearby. With just a decent internet connection you can now stay connected to the PMS 24*7!

Traditional Vs Cloud PMS – Why Cloud PMS Is Superior

Cloud PMS solutions come with many benefits when compared to their traditional counterparts.

Traditional PMS are usually installed on a single or a few computers. To access them you have to be near that computer. The benefit of cloud based PMS system is that it gives you access anytime, anywhere so that you can efficiently carry out your activities.

Not just that, the AIO cloud-based PMS lets you manage a whole chain of hotels. If you are a hotel owner or manager you can conveniently generate reports and check all activity even when you are out of town.

Another area where the cloud based PMS is superior is security. Since the application is hosted on the cloud, there will be no effect if your local computer crashes. You need not worry about maintaining the security of your computer or protect the computer from viruses, etc.

The cloud server hosting the PMS will already have latest and high-quality security systems in place. There may be frequent security scans and checks, security upgrades and other activities undertaken by the cloud company. There is no manual intervention needed on your part.

So the security is taken care of without you having to lift a finger or hire an expensive security firm to look into it. Security worries are lifted off you so that you can focus purely on your business.

AIO is proud to be a Cloud PMS provider. We have a super-powerful PMS application which is feature-rich, reliable and affordable. Our amazing cloud based hotel PMS has amazing report-generation capabilities wherein you can generate hundreds of different kinds of reports for gaining better business insights.

Our PMS is suitable whether you have a smaller hotel or a chain of larger properties. Give us a call to discuss more…

The Rising Popularity of Online Survey Tools for Hotels

In the hospitality industry, surveys and customer feedback play a very important role. Hotels have always given lot of importance to obtaining feedback from the guests. The guest feedback can provide valuable insights to the hotels and help them identify problems, areas for improvement.

However traditional surveys are now getting outdated, being replaced by online surveys. There have cropped up an amazing array of different survey tools which can be used by businesses, including hotels, to ask various kind of questions, conduct polls and take ratings from the customers about different aspects of the business.

For example, a hotel may ask guests to give ratings for different things including its food, room service, cleanliness, friendly staff, etc. The guests can fill in the survey form and give ratings on the online portal, through their mobile phones. The guests can fill in the survey forms as is convenient for them, even a few days after they have checked out of the hotel.

Online surveys have become the rage these days because of their convenience and ease, and also because of their variety of uses and the plenty of options they come with. Hotels are sending survey questionnaires to guests at various stages of their stay, including before check-in, during the stay and after check-out.

During the stay these survey tools can be used to identify specific needs of the guest and address them swiftly. After check-out, these tools can be used to gauge the levels of user satisfaction.

There are a plethora of survey tools in the market, some free and some paid. There are also some hospitality-centric survey tools, meant specially for use by hotels and some generic ones, which can be used by any business house including hotels. These survey tools have been in existence from more than 10 years now, and are becoming more and more advanced and user-friendly with the passage of time.

Powerful Features & Templates:
The survey tools often come with handy, ready-to-use modules, functionalities and addons that make them all the more powerful. For example, some survey tools have pre-defined templates which can prove extremely valuable for people who are amateur and not good at creating surveys.

If you are not sure what questions to ask, you can make use of these ready made templates to give you ideas and also save you lot of time. For example – Survey Monkey has a ready-made hotel feedback survey template which has around 20 odd questions to get you started!

Popular Survey Tools In the Market:
Some of the popular and worthwhile survey tools which hotels can use on their website are:

Most of the time you can setup survey on your hotel website using the above tools in a matter of minutes. So what is stopping you? Go ahead and try some of these tools!


AIO PMS – Travel Agent Module

Travel agents are very important for hotels as they can help the hotel sell its inventory to a large global audience. Hotels can increase their occupancy rates, reach wider audience, gain more exposure and hence grow their business by leaps and bounds with the help of travel agents and online travel agents.

When hotels can tap into a huge network of travel agents and online travel agents, they won’t need a sales team of their own to do marketing for them. Sales teams can have various limitations whereas the travel agents can help you reach more diverse audience.

The problem is that when you have travel agents you need to calculate commissions for them based on the rates you fix for them. You may have different rates for different agents and your hotel software should be able to keep track of how many sales are being driven by each travel agent you are associated with. Not only that, the software application should also calculate the commissions payable to each agent based on the number of bookings, the room rates at which the bookings were made, any discounts or concessions that were given to the guests, etc.

The good news is that Travel Agent Module of AIO software suite does all this for you on autopilot. This is a great feature which can eliminate lot of headaches for hoteliers. It can be such a relief when you can accurately track the number of bookings of each agent as well as calculate the commissions you owe them, all this without any additional manual work on your part.

If you want to get the full benefit of this powerful feature you can check out our AIO PMS and other powerful, feature-rich software applications which can make your hotel management work easier and hassle-free for you – All In One Hotel PMS.

Good PMS Software – An Urgent Need of All Hotels

A good property management system (PMS) plays an important part in the success of a hotel. A good PMS system will make the front desk workflow easy and smooth, paving the way for a seamless guest experience.

Gone are the days when hotels could ignore the use of technology and run their business the traditional way which they had been accustomed to from decades. In today’s time and age if you don’t embrace technology and make it an integral part of your business you may suffer huge consequences.

Those hotels which have a good PMS system enjoy numerous benefits such as:

Efficiency of Operations – In today’s fast paced world, business operations are quite complex and can take lot of time to complete, requiring the involvement of numerous staff members. However, the use of PMS can automate a lot of these tasks, freeing up the staff to focus on the guests and provide them a better service.

Save Time & Manpower – Hotels can save lot of time and manpower when they integrate a PMS system. Earlier if there was a need for 10 people to do certain tasks, that could be reduced to 5 or lesser people with the use of PMS application. Hotels may need to employ fewer people and thus save lot of money. Deployment of PMS not only saves time and labor, it also makes the work more efficient, error-free and effective.

Streamlining Bookings – Guests don’t need to wait in long queues or check-ins or check-outs. PMS systems help the hotel staff to perform the front desk operations with ease and speed, thus saving lot of time. Thus the guests don’t have to wait for long periods and can get quicker service.

Choosing Right PMS:

The important question is which is the right PMS for your hotel needs. You need to define your requirements and then select a PMS that has all the features you need. Then you need to consider the initial and the ongoing cost of the PMS, to make sure it falls within your budget limits. You also need to consider the company behind the software – is the company reliable, does it have long standing in the market, etc.

We invite hotelier to check out our AIO PMS software solution. We have been in this industry from 15+ years. We are a hospitality solutions company which provides affordable, cloud based PMS, CRS, GDS, booking engine, channel manager, OTA/TA connections, web development, marketing and distribution.

7 Reasons to Choose AIO Hospitality Software

1. Built by hoteliers for hoteliers – Our software suite is developed specifically for hoteliers. The team behind the development of the software applications has been in the hospitality industry from many decades, so we know what are the requirements and challenges facing the hotel management, and what software features are the most required. We have developed the software applications keeping these considerations in mind.

2. Feature rich – Our applications are feature-rich, allowing the hotels to use them for improving their operations, efficiency, and business growth. The applications can automate lot of operations and manage huge amounts of data. This data can be really helpful in analyzing the business and making better decisions.

3. Cloud based – Another beauty of AIO applications is they are hosted on fast, reliable servers. There is no need to install anything locally. You can access the PMS, channel manager or any other application from anywhere in the world. This can be quite helpful for managers and owners if they are traveling and want to check out some reports or access any data. They can login from anywhere as long as they have internet access.

4. Secure and reliable – If the software is not safe then there is no way hotels can use it, after all there is going to be lot of sensitive data that will be stored in the software applications. Data like customer details, contact and address details of staff and guests, guests booking history and preferences, credit card information, etc are all very valuable and highly confidential data that needs to be securely stored so that there are no mishaps happening which could land the hotel in legal trouble.

5. Powerful capabilities – The software modules have been built keeping in mind large hotel chains. So the capabilities and functionalities of the software modules are quite comprehensive and extensive. The software can be equally used by medium to smaller sized hotels as they can be used by large hotel chains.

6. Reasonable – Even though the software applications are powerful and secure, we have priced them reasonably enough so that almost every hotel can afford it. We are not charging exorbitantly like other software companies because we want to make it easily accessible for all hoteliers so that they can improve their hotel operations.

7. All under one roof – The beauty with using AIO hospitality is that you will be able to use all the software applications you need under a single roof. There are many companies in the market who only have their own PMS or their own booking engine. Hotels which use their booking engine would have to go somewhere else for channel manager and other applications.


Why Hotels Need a Property Management System – Simple Benefits

Why Hotels Need a Property Management System

Originally, hoteliers weren’t dealing with online bookings. They were collecting very limited information such as a name, residence, room and time of arrival because the majority of their clientele were walk-in guests.

Efficiency of Operations – In today’s fast paced world, managing hotel’s operations is becoming more complicated. There are lot of activities which need to be carried out, the performances monitored, results compared, etc. All this would take enormous amounts of time. The more the human involvement the more chances of errors and mistakes.

Automating a number of such day to day tasks can make it much more smoother and easier to manage a hotel efficiently. It can help the hotel staff to take better care of the guests as the mundane tasks are automated, leaving time on the hands of the staff to take care of other important things.

Time and Labor Efficiency – Lot of time can be saved when hotels automate the tasks that can be automated. This means the hotel can save human labor which would have otherwise been employed on the tasks which the PMS is now performing. A lot of manual, human labor can be cut down as well as lot of time saved. When a human does a certain task it may take him longer duration than a machine or a software program to do the same task, which can result in hundreds of hours of time saved over a period of a few months!

Better Decision Making – Managing the hotel becomes much more easier because you have lot of information and data available at your fingertips which you can study to find where you can make improvements in the business. Decision making can become easier with the availability of statistical data. Emerging trends can be identified and hotel can make changes to its approach to adapt to newer trends and even capitalize on them for its business growth.

AIO Hotel Management Software for Small Hotels

Don’t think just because your hotel is small you don’t need a reliable hotel management software. These days every hotel – big, small or medium is automating its operations. The good news is AIO Hospitality offers a secure, comprehensive, affordable and reliable hotel management software for small hotels.

Small hotels have smaller budgets. We realize this and have priced our software products accordingly so that we can provide a chance to every small and big hotel to implement technology. We want all hotels and motels to be able to avail the benefits of modern technology to improve their hotel operations and revenues.

Our hotel management software comes with a huge range of awesome features:

  • Cloud based software
  • Easy reservation management
  • Manage check-ins / check-outs, report generation, prices, inventory
  • Centralized management
  • Online booking engine
  • CMS, CRS, GDS, IDS features
  • Room management, rate management
  • Keep track of guests and save necessary information about them
  • Save personal and passport data of guests that stay at your hotel
  • Track your bookings and payments

Our all-in-one platform combines various features and systems to provide a comprehensive solution to small and big hotels alike. You don’t have to worry about the prices either as our prices are very reasonable and affordable.

It is a great opportunity for smaller hotels and motels to start automating more of their tasks through the use of a hotel management software. AIO Hospitality software is cloud based so there is nothing to install on the local computer, and the software can be easily accessed from anywhere.

Our hotel management software for smaller hotels can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Make operations smoother and easier
  • Make things more convenient
  • Save you lots of time and effort
  • Reduce manual labor
  • Automate lot of front desk tasks
  • Provide valuable data about your business
  • Provide valuable data and insights about your guests
  • Increase revenues and savings
  • Provide all in one solution for all your hotel’s technological needs

Benefits of Web Based Hotel Management Software

Running a hotel is not an easy task. You need to do the juggling act, trying to manage so many things. You need to manage the reservations, check ins, check outs, payments, maintain stock of goods, manage staff, monitor the housekeeping activities etc.

That is why many hotels are opting to invest in a good hotel management software that can keep track of many of the important operations of the hotel. The hotel management software can greatly enhance the efficiency of operations.

Since the advent of cloud computing and with the internet becoming very fast, many hoteliers are preferring web based hotel software rather than a desktop based software. A web based software can be accessed from anywhere. You just need to login to the portal and access your data. There is nothing to be installed on the local computers. Because of this ease of use and convenience the web based versions of hotel management software is on the rise.

Benefits of Hotel Management Software For Your Business:
Why is there a growing demand and need for a web based hotel management software? There are many reasons for that:

– To automate your operations – it has been said that automation is the future of hospitality industry. With automation you save lot of valuable time and effort. You can decrease the need of human intervention. You can also cut down on mistakes and errors. That is what automation can do for your business.

– Increase efficiency – With a web based hotel management software your efficiency can increase multiple fold. That means you can get more work done in lesser time and with less hassles.

– Enhancing user experience – When all things are running smoothly and efficiently, the user experience is greatly enhanced. The hotel guests can experience ease, comfort and convenience in all things – checking room availability, booking a room, making online payment, etc

– Increase occupancy – Most web based hotel management softwares have tons of features which are aimed at not only improving the efficiency of operations but also of increasing occupancy rates for the hotel owners. The online booking engine that comes as a part or additional module of most web or cloud based hotel management systems can provide an easy way for the people to book a room at your hotel, thus increasing reservations and boosting occupancy rates.

– Access data from anywhere – With desktop based software solutions you need to be physically present at the hotel. But with the cloud or web based software you can access the data from any place. The data is accessible with just a few clicks. You can check reservations, check-ins, check-outs, and other important activities from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

Importance & Benefits of a Booking Engine

A booking engine is a highly convenient way for travellers to make a reservation at your hotel. The booking engine displays your rooms availability in real time along with the rates so that users can pick the dates they want, check the room availability and finalize the reservation.

There may be additional features to further enhance the user experience – like confirmation email upon completion of payment, etc. A booking engine can also integrate with channel manager software so that other travel agents can book room for customers at your hotel.

There are many benefits of having a booking engine:

  • Guests can book rooms by themselves – Guests can self-serve themselves without having to contact you.
  • Lot of people trust online booking – People these days have become accustomed to using online reservations and they have begun to trust and love the simplicity and ease of the whole operation. Booking engine can safely accept credit card payments and complete the transaction.
  • Provide faster service – People can check availability of room and finalize the reservation within a few minutes in just a few clicks. No time is wasted and this can be done at any time of the day or night.
  • Looks more professional – Having an online booking facility will enhance the professional image of your hotel. As most hotel websites have this feature nowadays, it has become an essential part and if your hotel does not have this feature it will make the site look bad and outdated. People may be surprised and they may want to look for another hotel to stay if they don’t find a booking engine on your site.
  • You can offer perks – People usually look for additional perks or offers when they book directly. By offering something extra you can encourage guests to book directly instead of through a travel agent. A booking engine can allow you to offer such perks to your guests.

Importance of PMS In Hotel Industry

What is Hotel PMS Software and Why Use One?
Traditionally hotel PMS software included a set of functionalities to manage front-office operations such as booking reservations, guest check-ins and check-outs, assigning rooms, managing room rates, billing etc.

PMS software solutions became popular because they replaced the manual work which was time consuming, paper intensive and needed the involvement of lot of people. However the PMS software has evolved much farther beyond its traditional role and has become a very important component in the management of hotels.

PMS systems now include tons of other capabilities and features beyond the front office operations. They have evolved into comprehensive tools that have become critical to the business operations of a hotel and for delivering amazing guest experiences.

Benefits of Hotel PMS to Guests:

– Convenience and Self Service: In the modern world, people are becoming more and more accustomed to doing things on their own. They want the ease and convenience that comes when they can do various tasks at the click of a button.

In an interview, Tyler Craig, GM & VP of NCR Corporation’s Travel Business has said that customers these days are more accustomed to ATMs rather than tellers at the bank. They even check-in online for flights, so they want the same kind of facility when they arrive at a hotel.

In a lot of cases, travellers would prefer the option of self-service rather than having to wait in queues or having to deal with the hotel staff do things which they could easily do through their smartphones.

This trend can be beneficial to hotels because they need fewer staff members now. However they need to balance the automation with exceptional customer service. Automation shouldn’t take away the personal touch that only a fellow human can provide.

– Easier and Faster Service: Guests can save a lot of their time by being able to book a room from your website which is powered by a booking engine. The guests can check the room availability, view the rates and book whatever rooms they wish. They don’t have to get on the phone talking to someone, asking if rooms are available, etc.

If they have any issues they can also report through the website or contact customer support through email or text chat. All these are great time savers, making it much more easy and enjoyable experience for the customer.

– Personalized service: A sophisticated PMS system can store data about customer’s preferences and their earlier behavior. This way you can know beforehand the likes and dislikes of a customer and provide a tailor designed experience on their next visit.

Benefits of PMS to Hotels:

– Saves Time and Manpower: You can drastically reduce paperwork, manual labor, time and effort. Many of the front desk operations can now be easily automated with the help of Hotel Property Management System, Channel Manager and a Booking Engine.

– Save Money and Increase Revenue: Staff requirement will decrease as you automate a lot of front desk operations, thus saving you lot of money as you can manage equally well with fewer staff members. On top of that you may see increased revenues when you automate the room booking feature.