7 Reasons to Choose AIO Hospitality Software

1. Built by hoteliers for hoteliers – Our software suite is developed specifically for hoteliers. The team behind the development of the software applications has been in the hospitality industry from many decades, so we know what are the requirements and challenges facing the hotel management, and what software features are the most required. We have developed the software applications keeping these considerations in mind.

2. Feature rich – Our applications are feature-rich, allowing the hotels to use them for improving their operations, efficiency, and business growth. The applications can automate lot of operations and manage huge amounts of data. This data can be really helpful in analyzing the business and making better decisions.

3. Cloud based – Another beauty of AIO applications is they are hosted on fast, reliable servers. There is no need to install anything locally. You can access the PMS, channel manager or any other application from anywhere in the world. This can be quite helpful for managers and owners if they are traveling and want to check out some reports or access any data. They can login from anywhere as long as they have internet access.

4. Secure and reliable – If the software is not safe then there is no way hotels can use it, after all there is going to be lot of sensitive data that will be stored in the software applications. Data like customer details, contact and address details of staff and guests, guests booking history and preferences, credit card information, etc are all very valuable and highly confidential data that needs to be securely stored so that there are no mishaps happening which could land the hotel in legal trouble.

5. Powerful capabilities – The software modules have been built keeping in mind large hotel chains. So the capabilities and functionalities of the software modules are quite comprehensive and extensive. The software can be equally used by medium to smaller sized hotels as they can be used by large hotel chains.

6. Reasonable – Even though the software applications are powerful and secure, we have priced them reasonably enough so that almost every hotel can afford it. We are not charging exorbitantly like other software companies because we want to make it easily accessible for all hoteliers so that they can improve their hotel operations.

7. All under one roof – The beauty with using AIO hospitality is that you will be able to use all the software applications you need under a single roof. There are many companies in the market who only have their own PMS or their own booking engine. Hotels which use their booking engine would have to go somewhere else for channel manager and other applications.


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