The booking engine connects the hotel website to our booking engine and PMS.

Our Products - Booking Engine

A website booking engine is often your least expensive reservation so it’s important to offer this solution to any guest looking for a room. Never miss an opportunity!

  • Our online booking engine for your hotel websites offers commission-free and unlimited reservations from your website.
  • Our booking engine is a 2-way connection directly to our PMS. It allows for automatic synchronization of Inventory & availability.
  • Our online booking engine offers your guests a quick and smooth reservation experience.
  • You can earn higher revenues with the use of promo codes, special offers, and group bookings.
  • Our Booking Engine is customizable according to your requirements.

Real Time Updates Without Manual Intervention

Our software forms a two way connection between your website and the hotel PMS so that information is updated in real-time. This ensures your website can provide real-time room availability to prevent guest under bookings or overbookings.

The room rates are also updated so that they show the most current and correct rate. Hoteliers can have the ability to have room rates change automatically based on pre-defined rules relating to demand and yield management.

Yield Management and Smart Pricing

Yield management refers to the strategy of selling hotel rooms at different prices based on demand, time of year, number of rooms already sold and other factors. Yield management pricing strategy is common among hotels in order to maximize revenue and sell the room inventory for the highest amount possible according to the situation.

Information about new reservations and cancellations are updated from the booking engine to the PMS, without manual intervention.

Cloud Based

Our software is cloud based which means it can
be accessed from anywhere, without difficulty.
You are not restricted to
a single computer,
but can use the software application from any
desktop or laptop if you have an internet connection.
There is nothing to install.

GDS Friendly

Our software does not conflict with other GDS connections you may have on the website. While we offer complete solution to hotels along with our very own GDS/IDS connectivity, still if some hotels prefer to use some other GDS connectivity and only want to use our booking engine, that should also work fine without any conflicts.


Our software provides tons of customizable options which allows greater control for hoteliers. Setting prices,
blocking room bookings, changing room descriptions,
email confirmations upon registration, etc are some examples of the various
settings you can customize to your liking.

Awesome Benefits of AIO Booking Engine

Effortless booking process - enable your guests to book quickly and with ease, in just a few minutes.

User friendly Reliable - the booking engine can work flawlessly and handle hundreds of transactions in a day

Safe and secure - allow guests to make online payments without worry

Easy integration with any kind of hotel website

Personalize and optimize your guest's booking experience

Confirmation and welcome emails

Salient Features


Offer extra services to your guests like city tours, spa etc

Extensive Reporting

Generate all kinds of reports that help you in making better business decisions - reservation, cancellation and other kinds of reporting available.


Our booking engine is tested for various kinds of vulnerabilities. Our whole system is safe, reliable and highly tested. You can monitor each transaction and maintain logs of previous transactions for security purposes.

Package Deals

Offer discounted deals and special promotional packages to attract more bookings


The booking engine is highly customizable to match your brand's look and feel, so that it blends perfectly with your hotel's website.

Engage With Guests

Engage with guests by sending them confirmation and welcome emails or other messages before, during and after their stay.