Signature Pad

Onetech.PMS offers electronic signature pads. The signature pads allow your staff to capture a digital signature, speeding up the check-in process and improving productivity. The signature capture allows the elimination of paper and the costs associated with paper to help your property go paperless.

Topaz Gemview 10”

Topaz GemView® 10 Tablet Display provides all the display advantages of a high-performance tablet.  With its half-page, 10.1” high-resolution display and electronic pen, the GemView 10 allows for signing documents, playing videos, running ads, and more. 

Ambir nSign sp110

The Ambir nSign SP110 eSignature Solution is sculpted to carefully fit the hand of the signer, and its compact size allows it to fit on virtually any desk.  The Ambir nSign signature pad series captures every nuance with pressure-sensitive “Natural Capture” technology.