AIO PMS – Travel Agent Module

aio pms travel agent module

Travel agents are very important for hotels as they can help the hotel sell its inventory to a large global audience. Hotels can increase their occupancy rates, reach wider audience, gain more exposure and hence grow their business by leaps and bounds with the help of travel agents and online travel agents.

When hotels can tap into a huge network of travel agents and online travel agents, they won’t need a sales team of their own to do marketing for them. Sales teams can have various limitations whereas the travel agents can help you reach more diverse audience.

The problem is that when you have travel agents you need to calculate commissions for them based on the rates you fix for them. You may have different rates for different agents and your hotel software should be able to keep track of how many sales are being driven by each travel agent you are associated with. Not only that, the software application should also calculate the commissions payable to each agent based on the number of bookings, the room rates at which the bookings were made, any discounts or concessions that were given to the guests, etc.

The good news is that Travel Agent Module of AIO software suite does all this for you on autopilot. This is a great feature which can eliminate lot of headaches for hoteliers. It can be such a relief when you can accurately track the number of bookings of each agent as well as calculate the commissions you owe them, all this without any additional manual work on your part.

If you want to get the full benefit of this powerful feature you can check out our AIO PMS and other powerful, feature-rich software applications which can make your hotel management work easier and hassle-free for you – All In One Hotel PMS.

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