Using Technology to Improve and Grow Your Hotel Business

technology for modern hotels
  1. Prioritize the website and mobile experience

In a world where most of our lives are spent online, it is not surprising that lot of your customers will book rooms online. That’s why it is extremely important to develop an attractive website for your hotel which is equipped with all the latest features and functionality. Your website may be the first impression your potential guests get about your hotel so make sure that the website is professionally done otherwise you may lose lot of bookings.


  1. Offer direct booking concessions

Direct booking helps build customer loyalty. You can encourage direct booking by offering value-added discounts. These may include discounts on food and beverages, lower reservation prices, discounts on future stays, and more. The goal is to keep guests away from using hotel comparison sites, so that you can save lot of money on commissions to third party agents. You can also promote a loyalty program so that you reward guests who recommend your hotel to others. This way you can catch lot of additional guests.


  1. Cleverly manage your distribution channels

Compared to large hotel chains, independent hotels often do not have enough budget to for large scale marketing. These smaller hotels should choose the right distribution channels to gain worldwide exposure.


  1. Manage your important data records

Whether you’re using CRM technology or plain Microsoft Excel to manage your data, you should always keep in mind that you don’t need every piece of information. Only store key data and organize it efficiently. When properly analyzed, key data insights can help your overall revenue management approach.

Storing and organizing key data can become extremely easy and convenient if you use the right software application like a hotel PMS. So consider investing in a powerful PMS  that offers tons of valuable features.

AIO Hospitality offers such a PMS which is highly powerful, affordable and comes with an amazing range of reporting tools. The right PMS can not only make your operations easier and smoother, it can also help you better analyze your business and take informed steps to increase revenues and grow further.


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