Few Essential Requirements of Any Modern Hotel Website

essentials of a hotel website

Clear Navigation
It is very important that your hotel’s website is easy to navigate. People should not get lost or confused while exploring the website. Content should be properly organized into proper categories. The menus should be displayed prominently on the top and the bottom. Some pages may additionally have sidebar menu linking to relevant inner pages.

Make sure the top menu links to the important sections or pages of the website. At the same time don’t include too many items in the top menu as it can overwhelm the user.

The room listings page should have minimal information in order to avoid overwhelming the user with information overload. Make these pages simple and minimal, but be sure to include all the important information with clear calls to action.

Clear Calls to Action
Have clearly visible and attractive calls to action sprinkled throughout the site with clear text, like Book A Room or Learn More or Contact Us, etc

You should let the user book a room or do important actions with ease on the website. Have a prominently displayed ‘Book Now’ button, rates display, availability calendar and search feature. You may also have popups to show some offers or persuade users to engage or book.

Reviews and FAQ pages
These are also important to have on your website. Make a list of all the important questions that users may have or questions you commonly get asked by people. Display all these questions along with their answers on the FAQ page so that the users can check out these questions easily.

Similarly having a reviews page can do wonders to your website. If you have lot of good reviews from your past guests, feel free to exhibit these on a separate, dedicated section or page. These reviews can motivate the other users to also try your hotel.

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