Updating Your Hotel Website Every Few Years Can Pay Off Handsomely

This article will explain why you should consider upgrading your hotel website every few years to keep it updated with the latest trends and technology.


Some trends stick around while others fade quickly as they arise; when a given trend is connected to the design and usability of a website, its sustainability is most dependent on user acceptability. When a solution considerably increases viewing experience, it is highly likely to be embraced and viewed as an essential component of any website. It’s worth noting since, in the case of hotel websites, making enhancements immediately correlates to an increase in reservations.

Webpages became considerably simpler & clearer. Logotypes and symbols are also affected by this trend. In general branding, components ceased to confront website users and faded into the background, while content became far more significant.

Motions/Animations are another crucial components. Human eyes naturally follow any movement, therefore animations of all types are a wonderful tool for drawing our visitor’s attention to the area where we want their emphasis to be.

If you haven’t yet included such previous on your website, be prepared with the possibility that a visitor may be deterred by the necessity to explore the offers and may pick another hotel whose website is simpler to use.

Hotel Website:

The visual trends are also relevant to how your hotel is displayed on the Internet in terms of images taken there, as well as the message your picture galleries and photographs provide to customers. The images should be congruent with the colour scheme of your brand.

Another reason to consider replacing website images is a renovation, any change in décor, or any other even modest modifications in the hotel’s appearance that has occurred in the previous several years. Consider refreshing the entire website so that everything is uniform and up to date.


The primary need is responsiveness and mobility of the website, i.e. adaption to devices such as tablets and smartphones. Another advantage of updating a website is that it will be more optimized in terms of SEO.

Google algorithms are dynamic and continually changing. Keeping track of these changes and making necessary modifications to the site should be an essential part of any website operation. If your site is outdated and hasn’t been updated in years, the new one will allow you to make previously impossible SEO changes.


Much progress has been made in the field of web application security. If you opt to purchase a new website, it will have all current security patches; however, make sure that the service you receive includes frequent security upgrades. Only then you will be content, without fear of your visitor’s data falling into the wrong hands or losing your customer trust.


AIO Hospitality provides professional web development service for hotels. We develop mobile-optimized, latest technology enriched, feature-rich websites with booking engine integration, online payments, CRS and PMS integration, GDS/IDS connectivity.

AIO Hospitality Partners With Google To Offer Direct Bookings for Hotels

Users can now search and book hotels without leaving Google. People will be able to search for hotels in more than 100 countries, directly from Google and Google Maps, as well as book hotel rooms without leaving the Google platform.

Great Opportunity to Increase Exposure To Your Property
This provides a huge and exciting opportunity for hotels. Google is the largest search engine of the world and millions of people worldwide use this search engine to search for information, products, services, etc. Millions of these daily searches are also about hotels – with travelers seeking good hotels to stay while on a trip. Imagine what you can gain by getting your hotel listed on the Google direct hotel search.

Users will be able to view prices, photos, reviews of a hotel along with street views. However for a hotel to show up on the Google hotel search, it needs to partner up with the above mentioned Google program.

The requirements to get accepted in this program can be somewhat difficult. Hotels will need the following:

  • Googles ads account – running Hotel Ads, with campaigns, points of sale (PoS), and Price Feed configured
  • Proof that they can safely customer’s sensitive payment data
  • Ability to maintain up-to-date and accurate pricing
  • Localized service or phone support to users

And there are other such requirements, which you may check at the following Google page: https://support.google.com/hotelprices/answer/9440593?hl=en

AIO Hospitality Makes It Easy
However you do not have to worry. If your hotel cannot meet all these stringent requirements and still wants to benefit from your property being listed on Google and getting bookings through their platform, AIO Hospitality solutions can help you out.

We have partnered with Google and can provide Google listings for your hotel. See your hotel’s inventory being displayed directly on Google. Get more coverage as millions of travelers everyday search Google for hotels.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity! Get in touch with us at the earliest to start getting direct bookings from Google. Boost your occupancy rates while saving ton of money on OTA fees.

Improve OTA Placements With CRS – Save Thousands of $$$ on Commissions

Many people search and book hotel rooms through online travel agents (OTAs). It is estimated that more than 80% of online hotel bookings in the USA are done through major OTA channels like Expedia, Hotels.com, Booking.com, Priceline, Travelocity, Orbitz and others.

For this reason many hotels register with the OTAs in order to increase exposure to their property and get more bookings. However due to the huge impact of the OTAs, the hotels become kind of slaves to them and also have to pay hefty commissions whenever booking happens through an OTA channel.

To get better rankings and exposure, hotel owners need to make direct contact with these channels, with direct merchant agreements. Regular GDS is not sufficient in most cases to provide you premium positions and listings on these channels.

This is where Central Reservation System (CRS) can help you by providing a direct interface with the leading OTA networks. With CRS, you won’t even need a channel management interface. A CRS has direct connections with all of the major GDS in the world, including Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus, Pegasus, etc.

With the help of CRS you can eliminate third party middlemen. CRS systems can help you offer packages to guests. CRS can be extremely beneficial for hotels which are highly dependent on travel agents or those properties which would like to increase exposure for increased business potential.

AIO Hospitality has great CRS solutions which has tons of amazing features. The cost is very affordable and reasonable. We pride ourselves in being able to provide latest, state-of-the-art technological solutions for hotels. Our CRS provides direct connection to Sabre, Pegasus, Innlink, and all major OTA channels. Our CRS has real time synchronization across all the channels in order to maintain rate parity.

Hotels can save thousands of dollars every year by using a CRS. It is a highly potent tool which can help hotels generate more bookings, increase their profits by saving thousands of dollars in commissions and other fees.

Few Essential Requirements of Any Modern Hotel Website

Clear Navigation
It is very important that your hotel’s website is easy to navigate. People should not get lost or confused while exploring the website. Content should be properly organized into proper categories. The menus should be displayed prominently on the top and the bottom. Some pages may additionally have sidebar menu linking to relevant inner pages.

Make sure the top menu links to the important sections or pages of the website. At the same time don’t include too many items in the top menu as it can overwhelm the user.

The room listings page should have minimal information in order to avoid overwhelming the user with information overload. Make these pages simple and minimal, but be sure to include all the important information with clear calls to action.

Clear Calls to Action
Have clearly visible and attractive calls to action sprinkled throughout the site with clear text, like Book A Room or Learn More or Contact Us, etc

You should let the user book a room or do important actions with ease on the website. Have a prominently displayed ‘Book Now’ button, rates display, availability calendar and search feature. You may also have popups to show some offers or persuade users to engage or book.

Reviews and FAQ pages
These are also important to have on your website. Make a list of all the important questions that users may have or questions you commonly get asked by people. Display all these questions along with their answers on the FAQ page so that the users can check out these questions easily.

Similarly having a reviews page can do wonders to your website. If you have lot of good reviews from your past guests, feel free to exhibit these on a separate, dedicated section or page. These reviews can motivate the other users to also try your hotel.

AIO Booking Engine – Perfect Solution for Hotels To Increase Room Bookings

Hotel room booking software has become a must for most hotels. If you don’t have a booking software you may be missing out on a large number of potentials guests and reservations. Most people these days search for hotels online and make reservations. Many travellers to a city try to book rooms many days or weeks in advance. They mostly do it online.

So having an online hotel room booking facility available and having it connected to GDS/IDS systems can be really helpful to increase bookings and revenues. AIO Hospitality offers a powerful booking engine that can provide you all the features your hotel needs.

Our booking engine solution adds the capability of easy, quick, seamless and user-friendly reservations from your website. People can book a room with your hotel directly thus saving you hefty OTA commissions. Our booking engine solution is designed to make it as easy for the user as possible by minimizing clicks. Searching for rooms is easy for the users and the room and rate information is laid out in easily viewable format.

With our booking engine you can display room rates along with any offers or discounts so that guests can see the amount they will save, which will help them in making a decision.

Benefits of Our Hotel Room Booking Engine Software:
– Easy, quick and seamless online reservation
– Simple, few clicks process
– Simple and clean presentation of rooms data and prices
– Display rates along with offers and savings
– Easy integration with any website
– Mobile responsive and user-friendly interface
– Ability to personalize it to match your brand and website design and color schemes
– Integration with online payment gateways
– Safe and secure transactions
– Thoroughly tested and reliable
– Ability to up-sell extra services and addons
– Connect it with PMS software

Using our excellent hotel room booking engine you can easily start accepting online reservations and multiply your revenue. Our booking engine fees are quite reasonable and affordable.

As an addition you can also connect the booking engine with GDS/IDS. We can help connect you to over 650,000 travel agents and 2000+ online travel agents. That can provide huge exposure to your hotel and help in tremendously increasing the bookings.

If high costs were a deterring factor to you previously, you can breathe a sigh of relief as our prices are not unreasonable. You can rest assured you will be getting your money’s worth. You can stop doing things the old fashioned way and switch to using powerful, modern technological tools like the AIO hotel room booking software.

AIO Hotel Management Software for Small Hotels

Don’t think just because your hotel is small you don’t need a reliable hotel management software. These days every hotel – big, small or medium is automating its operations. The good news is AIO Hospitality offers a secure, comprehensive, affordable and reliable hotel management software for small hotels.

Small hotels have smaller budgets. We realize this and have priced our software products accordingly so that we can provide a chance to every small and big hotel to implement technology. We want all hotels and motels to be able to avail the benefits of modern technology to improve their hotel operations and revenues.

Our hotel management software comes with a huge range of awesome features:

  • Cloud based software
  • Easy reservation management
  • Manage check-ins / check-outs, report generation, prices, inventory
  • Centralized management
  • Online booking engine
  • CMS, CRS, GDS, IDS features
  • Room management, rate management
  • Keep track of guests and save necessary information about them
  • Save personal and passport data of guests that stay at your hotel
  • Track your bookings and payments

Our all-in-one platform combines various features and systems to provide a comprehensive solution to small and big hotels alike. You don’t have to worry about the prices either as our prices are very reasonable and affordable.

It is a great opportunity for smaller hotels and motels to start automating more of their tasks through the use of a hotel management software. AIO Hospitality software is cloud based so there is nothing to install on the local computer, and the software can be easily accessed from anywhere.

Our hotel management software for smaller hotels can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Make operations smoother and easier
  • Make things more convenient
  • Save you lots of time and effort
  • Reduce manual labor
  • Automate lot of front desk tasks
  • Provide valuable data about your business
  • Provide valuable data and insights about your guests
  • Increase revenues and savings
  • Provide all in one solution for all your hotel’s technological needs

Importance & Benefits of a Booking Engine

A booking engine is a highly convenient way for travellers to make a reservation at your hotel. The booking engine displays your rooms availability in real time along with the rates so that users can pick the dates they want, check the room availability and finalize the reservation.

There may be additional features to further enhance the user experience – like confirmation email upon completion of payment, etc. A booking engine can also integrate with channel manager software so that other travel agents can book room for customers at your hotel.

There are many benefits of having a booking engine:

  • Guests can book rooms by themselves – Guests can self-serve themselves without having to contact you.
  • Lot of people trust online booking – People these days have become accustomed to using online reservations and they have begun to trust and love the simplicity and ease of the whole operation. Booking engine can safely accept credit card payments and complete the transaction.
  • Provide faster service – People can check availability of room and finalize the reservation within a few minutes in just a few clicks. No time is wasted and this can be done at any time of the day or night.
  • Looks more professional – Having an online booking facility will enhance the professional image of your hotel. As most hotel websites have this feature nowadays, it has become an essential part and if your hotel does not have this feature it will make the site look bad and outdated. People may be surprised and they may want to look for another hotel to stay if they don’t find a booking engine on your site.
  • You can offer perks – People usually look for additional perks or offers when they book directly. By offering something extra you can encourage guests to book directly instead of through a travel agent. A booking engine can allow you to offer such perks to your guests.

Tips to Build a Great Hotel Website

A website is the first place where guest can look for and find important information relating to your hotel. This information is available at all times and is easily accessible at fingertips to anyone. Moreover the information is presented in an attractive way, which can increase the appeal of the hotel in the eyes of the guests.

Through your website you have the chance of showcasing the beauty and best features of your hotel property which can entice people to visit and stay there. A great hotel Website can be a very powerful tool for creating a strong brand presence online and converting website visitors into paying guests.

The main purpose of a hotel website include:

  • Showcasing your property in the best possible light
  • Showcasing reviews and testimonials of previous customers
  • Providing a platform for guests to communicate with you
  • Providing important information to users
  • Boosting revenue by encouraging direct online bookings

Features of Good Hotel Website:

  • Simple, clean and elegant design
  • Mobile responsive
  • Easy user navigation
  • Simple and convenient online booking
  • Easy way for people to contact you through the website
  • Nice, attractive and appealing pictures
  • SEO optimized
  • Contact page with full contact details of the hotel along with precise location instructions and map

Tips for a Great Hotel Website

Since the website is your hotel’s face on the internet, it has to be really good. Do not make the mistake of saving a few bucks by assigning this important task to a cheap designer or unprofessional agency. Here are some tips and points to keep in mind:

Domain Name – A great website begins with a great domain name. Make sure you spend good amount of time to come up with nice domain names which are catchy, easy to remember, easy to type and include your hotel or brand’s name.

Strong Calls to Action – The website is designed for the purpose of making the visitor take some action. This action is either to contact the hotel or book a room. So you have to make sure you facilitate this process for the visitor by providing strong, eye-catching calls to action at various places on the website.

Clearly Visible Contact Details – The contact details should be clearly visible to the site visitors. You can place the phone number, email address at the top, and again in the footer at the bottom. Ideally the website should also have a separate contact page with all the relevant contact details, map and easy contact form.

Prominent Brand Display – The brand name and logo should be displayed clearly and prominently, ideally at the very top. This ensures the visitors can notice the logo immediately once the site loads.

Ease of Navigation – Don’t make the site too crowded and clumsy. Links to important pieces of content should be easily visible. The site visitor should know where to look for whatever information he wants to find. User friendly site navigation is not only good for enhancing user experience, it is also good from SEO perspective.

Simple Yet Pretty – The site design should be simple yet elegant. Don’t put in too many colors or make the site complicated. Simple, clean design ensures that the site loads faster, is easy on the user’s eye and leaves a favorable impression about you and your hotel.

Mobile Friendly – In today’s day and age, each site has to be mobile friendly otherwise you will lose lot of potential customers. A majority of site visitors will check your site through their smartphones or tablets. If the site is not mobile responsive or does not look nice in the mobile view then it can have a negative impact.

Professional Images – Make your site visual. Travelers like visual content, it can perform much better on social media. Visually appealing content has a chance of going viral. Keep the text simple and use keywords for SEO purpose, and use high quality images to attract more eyeballs.

Booking Engine – Having a booking engine is almost become a must-have feature for every hotel. Whether you are a small or a medium hotel you do not have any excuse not to have a booking engine on the website. There are tons of affordable options available using which you can integrate a booking engine without any technical know-how.