AIO Booking Engine – Perfect Solution for Hotels To Increase Room Bookings

Hotel room booking software has become a must for most hotels. If you don’t have a booking software you may be missing out on a large number of potentials guests and reservations. Most people these days search for hotels online and make reservations. Many travellers to a city try to book rooms many days or weeks in advance. They mostly do it online.

So having an online hotel room booking facility available and having it connected to GDS/IDS systems can be really helpful to increase bookings and revenues. AIO Hospitality offers a powerful booking engine that can provide you all the features your hotel needs.

Our booking engine solution adds the capability of easy, quick, seamless and user-friendly reservations from your website. People can book a room with your hotel directly thus saving you hefty OTA commissions. Our booking engine solution is designed to make it as easy for the user as possible by minimizing clicks. Searching for rooms is easy for the users and the room and rate information is laid out in easily viewable format.

With our booking engine you can display room rates along with any offers or discounts so that guests can see the amount they will save, which will help them in making a decision.

Benefits of Our Hotel Room Booking Engine Software:
– Easy, quick and seamless online reservation
– Simple, few clicks process
– Simple and clean presentation of rooms data and prices
– Display rates along with offers and savings
– Easy integration with any website
– Mobile responsive and user-friendly interface
– Ability to personalize it to match your brand and website design and color schemes
– Integration with online payment gateways
– Safe and secure transactions
– Thoroughly tested and reliable
– Ability to up-sell extra services and addons
– Connect it with PMS software

Using our excellent hotel room booking engine you can easily start accepting online reservations and multiply your revenue. Our booking engine fees are quite reasonable and affordable.

As an addition you can also connect the booking engine with GDS/IDS. We can help connect you to over 650,000 travel agents and 2000+ online travel agents. That can provide huge exposure to your hotel and help in tremendously increasing the bookings.

If high costs were a deterring factor to you previously, you can breathe a sigh of relief as our prices are not unreasonable. You can rest assured you will be getting your money’s worth. You can stop doing things the old fashioned way and switch to using powerful, modern technological tools like the AIO hotel room booking software.

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