Why Hotels Should Choose Cloud PMS Instead of Local Onsite PMS

Why You Should Choose a Cloud PMS for Your Hotel

What is The Difference Between Cloud PMS and Onsite PMS
A local PMS or onsite PMS is installed on your property, at one or more computers. You can only access the PMS application from the computer where it resides. On the other hand a cloud based PMS exists online. You don’t have to install anything on your local machines.

To access online PMS you just need a good internet connection and the login credentials. You can access the cloud PMS from any machine or device. You can access it from any location in the world, even when you are not there physically at your hotel property. You don’t need to be present at your hotel.

Why Cloud PMS Is The Future
You may be traveling hundreds of miles away from your hotel and can still access the PMS, generate reports and check various activities. Another beautiful thing about cloud PMS besides not being restricted by physical boundaries, is the security part.

The cloud PMS resides on a safe and secure server. The PMS companies usually adhere to high security protocols and take steps to ensure maximum protection to the PMS data from threats such as hacking attacks, malware, spyware and other issues.

When you have a traditional legacy PMS that is installed locally on your hotel property, you will be responsible for maintaining its security. If the computer crashes, on which the PMS is present, you may lose tons of valuable and historical data unless you take regular backups.

All this security maintenance and data backup work can be very labor intensive and time consuming. You may need to recruit full-time technical employees or hire an outside firm to manage all these tasks for you. On the other hand, the cloud PMS can eliminate all these hassles. You won’t have to lift a finger while the PMS company takes care of all the security needs as well as taking timely backups of your important business data.

Many Hotels Are Stick Stuck With Legacy Systems
As you can see there are many major benefits of cloud based PMS over a traditional one. Still it is surprising to note how many hotels are stuck with legacy systems. They have not transitioned to the cloud PMS model. In USA and UK alone, it is estimated that just around 30% hotels have moved over to cloud technology while the remaining hotels continue with the age-old legacy technology.

There could be many reasons why hotels are not keen on making the shift. The fear of losing years of data could be one issue holding them back. The hoteliers may be afraid that moving all the data across the systems can be very complex, difficult, time-consuming or expensive. Or they may be uncertain how the cloud PMS will perform, whether it will be complex or user-friendly to operate, whether it will be reliable or not.

Another major fear that could be holding hotels back could be the cost factor. Many cloud PMS companies out there may be charging excessive amounts. Let us assure you all the above fears may be unnecessary. AIO Hospitality has a powerful cloud-based hotel PMS that can do wonders. It is not at all expensive, complex or difficult. We can assist and guide you in transitioning from your legacy system.

For a cost-effective, reliable and powerful cloud PMS solution get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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