Traditional PMS Vs Cloud PMS – Why Hotels Are Switching to Cloud PMS

cloud pms vs traditional pms

Traditional hotel systems and PMS come with limited access. You can only access the application from a particular computer. However a modern cloud-based PMS, like the powerful AIO PMS system, overcomes this debilitating limitation and allows you access while on the go.

As you are attending to the guests or moving about in the hotel you can access the cloud based PMS from your mobile device or from any computer device that is nearby. With just a decent internet connection you can now stay connected to the PMS 24*7!

Traditional Vs Cloud PMS – Why Cloud PMS Is Superior

Cloud PMS solutions come with many benefits when compared to their traditional counterparts.

Traditional PMS are usually installed on a single or a few computers. To access them you have to be near that computer. The benefit of cloud based PMS system is that it gives you access anytime, anywhere so that you can efficiently carry out your activities.

Not just that, the AIO cloud-based PMS lets you manage a whole chain of hotels. If you are a hotel owner or manager you can conveniently generate reports and check all activity even when you are out of town.

Another area where the cloud based PMS is superior is security. Since the application is hosted on the cloud, there will be no effect if your local computer crashes. You need not worry about maintaining the security of your computer or protect the computer from viruses, etc.

The cloud server hosting the PMS will already have latest and high-quality security systems in place. There may be frequent security scans and checks, security upgrades and other activities undertaken by the cloud company. There is no manual intervention needed on your part.

So the security is taken care of without you having to lift a finger or hire an expensive security firm to look into it. Security worries are lifted off you so that you can focus purely on your business.

AIO is proud to be a Cloud PMS provider. We have a super-powerful PMS application which is feature-rich, reliable and affordable. Our amazing cloud based hotel PMS has amazing report-generation capabilities wherein you can generate hundreds of different kinds of reports for gaining better business insights.

Our PMS is suitable whether you have a smaller hotel or a chain of larger properties. Give us a call to discuss more…

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