Survey Results – 90% Prefer App Rather Than Human Interaction

Software solutions provider Metova has conducted a survey of 1000 people in USA in 2020. The survey involved those people who have stayed at a hotel or resort in the past 2 years. They found that most people are hesitant to interact with humans and would much rather prefer to do their operations through a mobile app.

Nearly 90% people said they prefer hotels to have a mobile app which would let them manage all activities related to their stay without the need to interact with another human being.

This is a profound revelation which has come to light after this survey. The post-Covid world is likely to be very different than the one we have been used to. Almost every area of our life is going to be different. Businesses have to adapt to the changing world, specially the hospitality and travel industries.

If any hotel has been neglectful of integrating technology, now is the time to jump right in otherwise you may be left far behind. Hotels need to develop a fully functional website which has a booking engine integrated so that guests can book rooms online. Not just website, but hotels would also need to develop mobile apps which allow users to manage most of the tasks related to their stay.

Automating as many tasks as possible and reducing human interaction seems to be the key. If your hotel does not have a mobile app or a website, you may stand to lose nearly 90% customers because they would prefer some other hotel which has a website and app.

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