80% Hotel Guests Are Likely To Download App to Check In and Out

As per a latest research from hotel technology solution provider Criton, 80% of hotel guests are likely to download a mobile app that would help them to get information about a hotel, book room online and allow check-in, check-out.

This research has pointed out a growing trend among travelers and hotel guests. They no longer prefer public kiosks nor would they prefer human interaction. Doing all these operations through a mobile app can be much more convenient and safe for the guests.

The research has revealed some very interesting facts:

  • Around 62% people said they prefer check-in and check-out through a mobile app while 30% said they prefer to do it through a webpage
  • Only 8% people revealed they would check in or out through a public kiosk
  • Almost 80% people revealed they were willing to download and install a mobile app which would provide all information about a hotel and allow them to book online
  • 48% people said they are likely to stay at a hotel if they had an option to order food through an app

Hotel management has to deeply ponder the findings of this research. It shows how important it has become for hotels to have an online website and a mobile app. If you don’t have an app or website, you may lose a huge chunk of people who will go to some other hotel which has these features.

Hotels can no longer ignore website and app, nor can they ignore having an online presence and doing digital marketing. These things assume more importance in the post-pandemic era. If you are serious about your hotel business then you should have a decent website with booking engine integrated, preferably along with a mobile app. You should also build your presence on social media sites so that potential guests can find you.

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